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Subject: im in gang

i would like to chat with reymundo im in a gang and im tryinig to get out ever since i read his books i realized wut mistake i waz doing please write back !!!!!

--- maricela rodriguez

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I'm sure this has been pointed out before but, "In the Still of the Night"?

One of his favorite Hoagy Carmichael songs?

Poor Cole.

--- William Britton

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Subject: Re: who are you exactly?


I received a note from a friend that I should send my books to you for review. They are children's books with moral value. Should I send you the ones currently printed?

--- Pat Arnold

Hi Pat,

Depends on what you have on hand. We review children's books on occasion, but sometimes we get quite tart.

For instance, we once reviewed a book for children about Clarence Thomas, but found it lacking.

If this kind of treatment is your cup of tea, and you want us to give yours a whirl, send us what you have.

--- Lolita Lark

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Many thanks for your enlightening information regarding Mr. Harvey. I attend a so-called Christian meditation group ... I say so-called because our leader, a retired OSB nun, is essentially an oriental-style mystic.

She has just started playing a set of Harvey tapes for us and I wondered why I felt so uncomfortable listening to this almost hysterical stuff ... a man I would say with many dragons.

Now I know.

--- David Tenquist

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