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Subject: "Cry Ruth"

About 15 years ago, someone told me that before settling on a name for his group, one of the possible names in the running was Cry Ruth. I wondered what that pairing of words meant, if anything, but I didn't bother to ask.

Every once in a blue moon, I'd recall that conversation and wonder if Cry Ruth means anything. I've tried to look it up on lists of English idioms and whatnot, but never found anything.

Now, lo and behold, I see you use the term twice on the same webpage, at

"ralph and rolf --- intransitive --- to empty one's stomach; to vomit (Teens and collegiate. See also cry ruth)..."

"But what do you do when a beer-in-the-cooler girls-in-bikinis magazine snitches your monicker. Cry ruth?"

Can it be that after all this time I'm finally going to receive some edification?

Please, PLEASE tell me: What does "cry ruth" mean?

--- Dan Malone

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I googled and found your page. I know a 17 yr old LK [Latino King] who also has a mother and grandma who are LKings.

Is there a chance he will be able to have a life without it???

nancy turbeville

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Dear Loli T'lark,

Thanks for working rapidly with the books. I am grateful for the jolly review by Carlos Amantea and the aesthetics (the tone of the page and illustrations).

A few days ago, the brightest academic I know offered to proof and give editorial suggestions for a new version of fly-ku! if i would consider redoing it by April so he could use it for some course/s even if i may not be at any of those nice universities ('Why isn't he teaching at Yale, or the University of California, or Tokyo University?'), my flies soon will.

By the way, the academic i mentioned just put up the first review at Amazon, which is:

    If you want to encounter haikai (ur-haiku) as it was meant to be experienced (and don't read Japanese) start with this, a gem with minor flaws, more entertainment and edification than you should expect from 220 pages.

Edification! I love that word for making me think of the Keeper of the Eddystone light,
yohohoforthesearunswild and will Wilma come after us here on key biscayne or run out of breath beating up cancun and head north to the Gulf state de norte where the already down buildings will not offer much resistance

--- keigu
robin gill

    PS Sometime, do try the search inside the book feature at Amazon or Google to search for any old oddity in the long version of Topsy-turvy 1585. Or suggest it to Carlos Amantea who might also enjoy visiting and going to the paraversing page and from there to issa's old fart page.

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