The Vivisection Mambo:
Letters I

FROM: Gina Valdes

RE: The New Poetry Book

Hello Lolita,

Just received my copy of The Vivisection Mambo.

I'm enjoying hanging out at the gathering of wild poets.

--- Gracias,

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FROM: X. J. Kennedy

Dear Ms. Lark,

Thanks ever so much for the copy of The Vivisection Mambo, for editing this splendid book, and for putting some of my early stuff in.

Gosh, who'd have thought I'd be a New Neo-Realist? It's hard to figure out what unites all the contributors, except that every poem grabbed me right away and wouldn't let go till I'd read it through.

--- With high regards,
Joe (X. J.) Kennedy

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FROM: Tom Crawford

Dear Lolita Lark,

You could not be more pleased sending me The Vivisection Mambo than I was in receiving it. What joy, not just the range and diversity of Poetry in there but the book, calling out, "touch me, hold me." I knew there was an anthology in the making, but nothing like this. I just assumed by now, especially in America, book art was dead with real poetry running a close second. I hesitate to say it, but I will, I'm a tad prideful that some of my own poems are part of this gorgeous enterprise. How odd, merely by your insistence on beauty, on originality, on poetry with a capital "P" you've accomplished something entirely other. No matter how the book is received "out there," The Vivisection Mambo is a real literary achievement.

--- With Affection,
Tom Crawford
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