The Vivisection Mambo:
Letters II

FROM: Geoff Alexander


So an extraordinarily handsome book arrived this week, all intaglioed with great looking and feeling paper. I'm not much on poetry, but the book felt so damn good that I couldn't stop touching the pages. That forced me to start reading. And I love the book, stopping at page 26 so far because I've got to do my own writing today. Vivesection's staying on my bed so I can read a few poems every night before I nod off. It's the first time in my life I'm gonna read a book of poetry and a wonderful break from the crime stuff I'm reading for my background research too. I'm sure it will give me nightmares of a different sort.

Thanks for sending it. Damn, I wish my publisher made books that looked and felt as good as your new one.

--- All the best,
Geoff Alexander, Director
Academic Film Archive of North America

Dear Geoff,

You are one of the first of those who got the book to notice the fact that it is the closest thing we have now to hand-set type. The bugger cost an arm and a leg, but the 500 are so beautiful that even I take one to bed with me at night too.

And the poems were chosen because, unlike those that appear in the usual places, they have something to say. With a twist.

--- Thanks for your kind letter.

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TO: Lolita Lark

FROM: Paul Nickel

Each time I think we all have bled out and look up to the grass comes another interesting book from you. My congratulations on you remaining vertical and productive . I am tempted to quote the Duke of Gloucester when he was gifted with the second volume of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, "Another damned thick book! Always scribble, scribble, scribble! Eh, Mr. Gibbon?"

I'm into poetry now and you have saved me... Tired of wrecking my eyes on the Plattsdeutsch blue screen of Das Bild [boning up low German ] about the Treasure Train [Zug] filled with art and gold comes your book with shorter artful sentences. Brodsky? Another of your disguises? As my daughter Shayna says appreciatively . . . "Meh . . . Meh?" My daughter Leah, shepherding Widner's Library, merely says Feh! to me . . .

Thank you . . . Long may you wave and the memories of your generosity, support, Vat 69, Pamela Wylie . . . wave too. Great is my appreciation and debt. I remain entranced by Pamela's violet eyes.

--- Paul
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