Best Literature You Can Show to Your Kids

Best Literature You Can Show to Your Kids – sking kids to read or to be attracted to reading is not something easy that many parents can do. That is because not all of those kids are interested in books. As a matter of fact, most of them are getting annoyed when they have to deal with books and some other similar things. For your information, there are actually some nice literatures that you can give to your kids during their early stage of life. If you are interested, you can show one of these books to your kids that will surely attract their attention.

The first one is the Snowy Day that was written by Ezra Jack Keats. This book is meant for the kids that is why the overall story of this book is very simple. This book tells you about the journey of a kid named Peter who is walking on the snow in New York City. There are two things that made this book becomes quite special. The first one is because of the milestone that Peter has when he was walking on the New York snow. The second is because Peter is black, not white. There are many things that you can teach to your kids through this book.

The second one is the Little Bear Series. The main writer of this book is Holmelund Minarek, but most of the illustrations and the picture are drawn by Maurice Sendak. The name of Maurice Sendak has been known as one of the best illustrator for the books for kids. One of the best things that you can get from this book is because of the series. There is more than one book that you can get from the Little Bear series. This means you can choose which one of those books that you want to give to your kids. If they do not like the first book, you can always go to the second or third book.

The last one is True Story of Three Little Pig. This book can be considered as the most essential book that you need to give to the kids. There is a great moral value that you can get from this book. As an addition to that, the pictures and illustrations are something quite amazing. It is all thanks to Lane Smith as the artist. In short, this is just the right book that can help you to teach your kids to be interested in books.