Stephen King’s It Gives You Real Chill!

Stephen King’s It Gives You Real Chill! – Who haven’t heard about It? Both the book and the movie are Stephen King’s another master piece. Being the king of horror film, Stephen King delivers horror story like no other. For some, it grows the new fear of clown. Some others find the value of childhood and friendship in the story. The split review is presented by those who read the book.
– Watching the Movie Is Not As Scary As Reading the Book
Many people have heard Stephen King’s name, but reading the book is another story. One of his work, It, is a big hit in global cinema. Million audiences line up to watch the horror movie. This is how Stephen King gains even more popularity, especially among the non-fans. Watching it is truly an unforgettable experience. The least effect is the fear of peeking to sewer, just in case a clown will pop up.

Some audiences think that the movie is too exaggerating. They think that the book is less scary than the movie and decide to read it. Bad decision: it is even scarier than the movie. Now the readers remember the details and too afraid to look at any clown. The same effect happens to those who love betting in they refuse to see the board when they lose the game.

– ”It” Is A Brilliant Horror Book
Just like any horror book, the readers might not finish it in one sitting. It might take days or even weeks and months to finish reading the book. Once the readers close the book, the book analysis begins. Some readers now develop new fear of clown and sewer.

Stephen King’s It Gives You Real Chill

Some readers are skeptical, so they try to match the details in the book with the real facts. Things get creepier as they find that some places and events did happen in the past. Now they cannot see the book as a mere horror novel; it is something brilliant. The way the writer builds the plot around the existing facts are mind blowing.

Reading “It” by Stephen King leaves different impression to each reader. For those who find the horror theme first, they genuinely get scared to the main antagonist: the clown. There are some who praise how the writer could write an accurate story.