Something Is Off with Today’s Youth Language

Something Is Off with Today’s Youth Language – Language delivers different kind of messages and the person could control it by choosing the proper diction and using the suitable tone. While speaking to the leader or respected person, people would use the soft and deep tone with either neutral or formal diction. Unfortunately, this gesture of respect is slowly degrading among young generation.
– What Is Happening?
It is undeniable that there is a generation gap between the older and younger generation. The technology development and borderless learning possibility make the youngsters slowly lose their identity. They could simply move to one community to another as long as the friends share similar thoughts with them. This is how the young generation perceives the freedom and respect.

Taking the borderless communication into consideration, the youngsters slowly drift away from politeness and respectful language. They tend to use wrong words in inappropriate situation. They even insist that their words are okay to use.

– Why Is It Unfavorable?
For now, these young people might be off the hook. It is not because they are allowed to do so but because they are not applying for a job yet. To be specific, they are setting a tickling bomb. In professional world, formal language is a must.

Another disadvantage of not using formal language is the way people will react to the speaker. There is an old saying that one should respect others first. It applies in professional community. If the youngsters still insist with their improper language, they will be excluded. In online betting’s term, the player will be kicked out from the

– Is There Any Way To Help?
To prevent further damage caused by the teenagers, there must be an effort to provide better education for them. First of all, make them learn where to use formal and informal language. Within school area, the junior high school teachers should apply this rule. While delivering presentation, ask the students to use formal language.

These small changes will surely help them. At least, they could learn that informal language is okay when they speak among friends.

People should mind their language when speaking to others. Young people nowadays seem to embrace the concept of freedom without limit. It could be seen from the way they speak to elderly people or the person they meet for the first time. Sooner or later this attitude will put them into trouble.

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