Best Literature You Can Show to Your Kids

Best Literature You Can Show to Your Kids – sking kids to read or to be attracted to reading is not something easy that many parents can do. That is because not all of those kids are interested in books. As a matter of fact, most of them are getting annoyed when they have to deal with books and some other similar things. For your information, there are actually some nice literatures that you can give to your kids during their early stage of life. If you are interested, you can show one of these books to your kids that will surely attract their attention.

The first one is the Snowy Day that was written by Ezra Jack Keats. This book is meant for the kids that is why the overall story of this book is very simple. This book tells you about the journey of a kid named Peter who is walking on the snow in New York City. There are two things that made this book becomes quite special. The first one is because of the milestone that Peter has when he was walking on the New York snow. The second is because Peter is black, not white. There are many things that you can teach to your kids through this book.

The second one is the Little Bear Series. The main writer of this book is Holmelund Minarek, but most of the illustrations and the picture are drawn by Maurice Sendak. The name of Maurice Sendak has been known as one of the best illustrator for the books for kids. One of the best things that you can get from this book is because of the series. There is more than one book that you can get from the Little Bear series. This means you can choose which one of those books that you want to give to your kids. If they do not like the first book, you can always go to the second or third book.

The last one is True Story of Three Little Pig. This book can be considered as the most essential book that you need to give to the kids. There is a great moral value that you can get from this book. As an addition to that, the pictures and illustrations are something quite amazing. It is all thanks to Lane Smith as the artist. In short, this is just the right book that can help you to teach your kids to be interested in books.

Chicxulub by Danh Vo Offers a Memory Lane You Want to Walk on to

Chicxulub by Danh Vo Offers a Memory Lane You Want to Walk on to – Not all people could appreciate art. There are a lot of reasons, but the most general one is the inability to understand art. People do not want to spend their energy trying to understand the art piece. It takes a brain work and interpretative skill. How about an art that pulls you in?
– Warm Setting
When the visitors step into the gallery, the setting is not like any other. Remember the last art gallery display where the arts are either framed or placed inside a glass box? This is not how Danh Vo chooses for his arts’ display. The artist picks white cube as his gallery. From the entrance the visitors will be greeted by the warmth of wood fire stone.

The lighting is low but the white cubes helps to guide the visitors to go through the display. Instead of being caged inside the frame or box, the arts are placed in the middle of the room. It is a big tree with gold leaves. The branches reach to cubes sides and the log surrounding the root put an imaginary cross line.

– Pulled Into A Memory Lane
Tree is not the only main attraction in Danh Vo’s gallery. When the visitors try to look up to the leaves in the higher branch, they will be able to see several arts up there. The most visible one is the torso of Chirst. It might not be recognizable because of the ruined parts.

Still hanging on the branches, visitors will see several photographs. It is Danh Vo and his family, who are spending Christmas together. To make it look like a festive, little Danh Vo and his siblings wear a paper hat. The photograph is simple yet has powerful message; no matter how hard life is, it is a festive when you gather with family. If all people have similar thought, they won’t learn about

Once the visitors step into the room, they literally walk into the art itself. They are not going to see the framed art, but seeing them from the inside. Plenty of details arranged in a way that will entice the visitors. After walking out from the gallery, the visitors will still have lingering attachment to the art.

Mona Lisa as the Best Painting in the World

Mona Lisa as the Best Painting in the World – The name of Mona Lisa has been known throughout the world. Yes, this painting is very famous so that almost all of the people have at least heard the name of this painting. Unfortunately, there are still some people who are wondering why Mona Lisa becomes the greatest and the best painting in the world. If you are also asking for the same question, then you need to know these reasons that made Mona Lisa became the best painting in the world.

The first reason is because the Mona Lisa was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. The name of Leonardo da Vinci has been known as one of the greatest painter in the world. As a matter of fact, a lot of people agree that he is still being the greatest painter in the world. Actually, other than the Mona Lisa, there are still some other paintings that da Vinci drawn in the past. However, Mona Lisa is considered as the real masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci that still existed in this world.

The second reason is because of the mystery behind the painting itself. Leonardo da Vinci is a very famous man and many things are connected to him in the past, starting from the good to the bad one. This is why there are also a lot of mysteries around the amazing painting of Mona Lisa. You can easily start from the woman in the picture. Even though many people believed that the model was the Italian noblewoman, there is no specific evidence about the model at all. As an addition to that, there are a lot of people who said that the painting was finished in four years, which is quite strange for an artist such as da Vinci to finish the small painting in four years.

The last reason is because Mona Lisa because of the smile. What is wrong with the smile of Mona Lisa? There is nothing wrong with the smile, but this smile is one of those things that made Mona Lisa became very famous. The painting technique that da Vinci used in Mona Lisa is slightly different with many other paintings. That is because he wanted to create a kind of optical illusion that will make the smile falls just slightly below the main vision of those who see Mona Lisa. That is because the center of vision from this painting is the eyes.