Mona Lisa as the Best Painting in the World

Mona Lisa as the Best Painting in the World – The name of Mona Lisa has been known throughout the world. Yes, this painting is very famous so that almost all of the people have at least heard the name of this painting. Unfortunately, there are still some people who are wondering why Mona Lisa becomes the greatest and the best painting in the world. If you are also asking for the same question, then you need to know these reasons that made Mona Lisa became the best painting in the world.

The first reason is because the Mona Lisa was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. The name of Leonardo da Vinci has been known as one of the greatest painter in the world. As a matter of fact, a lot of people agree that he is still being the greatest painter in the world. Actually, other than the Mona Lisa, there are still some other paintings that da Vinci drawn in the past. However, Mona Lisa is considered as the real masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci that still existed in this world.

The second reason is because of the mystery behind the painting itself. Leonardo da Vinci is a very famous man and many things are connected to him in the past, starting from the good to the bad one. This is why there are also a lot of mysteries around the amazing painting of Mona Lisa. You can easily start from the woman in the picture. Even though many people believed that the model was the Italian noblewoman, there is no specific evidence about the model at all. As an addition to that, there are a lot of people who said that the painting was finished in four years, which is quite strange for an artist such as da Vinci to finish the small painting in four years.

The last reason is because Mona Lisa because of the smile. What is wrong with the smile of Mona Lisa? There is nothing wrong with the smile, but this smile is one of those things that made Mona Lisa became very famous. The painting technique that da Vinci used in Mona Lisa is slightly different with many other paintings. That is because he wanted to create a kind of optical illusion that will make the smile falls just slightly below the main vision of those who see Mona Lisa. That is because the center of vision from this painting is the eyes.

Unveiled Hidden Message on Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol

Unveiled Hidden Message on Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol – What could artist do with a soup can? In Andy Warhol’s hands, these ordinary cans become an art piece. It makes him famous and more people are curious about his next works. Many people find it confusing at first. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long before the visitors could accept the deeper meaning behind the can.
– Why The Can?
At first, the painting does not look like an art. It seems like a good replica of Campbell soup cans and nothing more. When the visitors look closely, the artist actually puts attention to the details of his art. Take an example of the number of cans. It is not only one, but 32. This number fits perfectly to the number of variation that Campbell soups have ever released.

People might want to know as well: among all soup cans, why Campbell? There are many other brands displayed in the market shelf. Is it just a preference, similar to how online betting players choose as their favorite? It turns that the can is purchased by middle class American. It has historical values.

– The Hidden Meaning
Seeing that Warhol puts careful measurement to his art, it could be concluded that he is a realist. For those who lived in 1950s and 1960s, the can has a hidden meaning. At that time, canned products are mass produced. Soon, it fills the kitchen rack and becomes the staples of almost half Americans.

Now it is clear that Warhol’s art is not a simple drawing. The object should remind people of something essential or important once in their life. Some might remember the packed nourishment it provides or the convenience of eating soup without cutting any veggies.

Andy Warhol

– The Beginning
The visitors are also curious about the initial idea of Warhol’s art. Is this his original style or he copies someone else’s style? It turns that his comical drawing has been shown since 1950s through commercials and women shoes ad. In 1960s, he started to draw meaningful daily objects using one tone only.

What inspires an artist depends solely on the artist’s thought and interest. Various artists have shown the beauty of nature, human interaction and many natural objects. Thus, Andy Warhol walks against the river flow by presenting a can as an art. What is your impression after seeing the can painting?

Some Different Kinds of Arts to Create Magnificent Masterpiece

Some Different Kinds of Arts to Create Magnificent Masterpiece – In the past, art is something related with drawing, painting, sculpting, and some other similar things. That is because those things can be considered as the basic form of art, which is not a wrong opinion to have. However, as the time goes, there are more and more forms of arts that many people are using to create the amazing masterpiece. If you are curious, then you need to know how these things below can be considered as the new form or art that created some amazing masterpieces.

The first one is the human flowers. This kind of art is actually something that can be considered as photo technology. It is because the basic is that you take one proportional photo of a human in one steady form. After that, you need to copy and paste that model into a lot of copies and join them together to make a great flower pictures using the technology. You can simply say that this technique can be considered as the combination of art and the technology nowadays.

The second one is the art matches. In the past, you might have seen a nice form of art using cards. Some of them are lined together so that at one point you can touch it and the rest will fall together. That is one kind of art that was introduces some years ago. However, there is a better and similar kind of arts using matches. This one is more complicated because you need to stand the matchstick up and create some nice forms of art using the matchsticks. For your information, this kind of art requires you to use glue so that you do not need to worry that much if the matchsticks will not stand.

The last one is the green sculptures. This one is something that many people want in their garden. That is because the green sculpture is focusing on using the natural environment to make the amazing kind of art. There have been a lot of different green sculptures that you can find in many countries in the world. Some of them look quite simple, but some others look totally amazing. So, it is actually something possible for you to create something similar in your backyard if you want. However, do not expect to have the real masterpiece unless if you are a real artist or gardener in this field.